My Graduation Day… I Have Graduated!

27 Mac 2012 @ 2 P.M.

Guys, today is our convocation day, we have graduated! 🙂

Frankly, I don’t know how to express this kind of feeling… I would like to appreciate all those important persons that always being there for me..

First of all, I would really thanks to my beloved parents. Of course they should be on the first place because of their supports, advises, sacrifices, prayers, contributions in the term of finance, energy and many more…

To my beloved friends for their full commitment, advises, for always being there for me no matter in what situation we are facing with, for always be together in such easy or hard times we were, for every single times, happy times, laughing times, disappointed times, upset times, fighting times :P, thank you so much for all those memories that we had together…

To all my respected lecturers for all of your advises, supports, teaching and for every single knowledge that have been shared and taught, I am very appreciate all of your kindness, contribution and all the times that we had together…

Thank you so much! Alhamdullillah… 🙂

Muhamad Syamil Rosli,
Diploma of Networking Support (DNS),
Polytechnic of Tuanku Syed Sirajuddin (PTSS)

~ 27 March 2012 ~
Konvokesyen Day

Friends Forever

Friends Forever

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